The 10000 Watt Generator Is Harnessed Lighting

Have you ever had the thought enter your mind, that having a portable generator could be a welcome addition to you household for a number of reasons?

If you have, here is something else to let enter your mind. There are portable generators, then there are portable generators that are in a league of their own, like the 10000 Watt Generator.

The climate is changing and altering radically, and along with it comes weather upheavals which produce power outages. If you have ever been placed in a situation in which traditional energy and electricity is lost, you know how venerable this feeling leaves you.

You are especially venerable if power to your entire house is lost, and will be out for a extended period of time. At this point in time, a portable generator is just what the doctor ordered.

However, not just any portable generator, but a 10000 Watt Generator.

First off this type of generator is very user friendly and a gem to have when alternative power is required. The 10000 Watt Generator is engineered for high performance for a continuous ten hours of usage on one tank of fuel. This issue is of paramount importance, in times of natural disasters or intense storms that spark outages.

Many times it is impossible to obtain gas from a station, when there power is out from a storm. That is a big reason to invest in a generator that will run for extended hours at a time. With this model, a full tank will last for 10 hours, and this is a stress reliever.

The engines of the 10000 Watt Generator are 16 HP(e.g. DuroMax XP10000E generator), and can carry intense power loads for a variety of situations.

When it is in operation mode or running, there is almost complete silence, due to the extremely quiet state of the art muffler system. So this is a instance where you receive quiet efficient filtering, or a muffler unit that makes things feel and sound like business as normal.

This state of the art generator has a electric start that makes you think that you are starting up a BMW.

Another feature of the 10000 Watt Generator is the simple assembly, which is completed in a matter of minutes. You are probably wondering about the price and you can stop wondering.

The reason is because everything usually comes in under one thousand dollars after rebates are applied.

Up to this point, the talk about this unique generator has been geared toward power outages and bad storms.

However, there are other uses for this fine generator, like outings, picnics, outdoor bands, neighborhood block parties, and much more. As a matter of fact, it is possible to generate a list that is almost two pages long.

In conclusion remember that in times of great calamity involving extended power outages, or in times of leisure and relaxation a 10000 Watt Generator will take your safety to another level of comfort and security.

Keep in mind that there are six major reasons to obtain this excellent piece of machinery, and here they are:

  1. Up to 10 hours running on one tank of gas
  2. A powerful 16 HP engine that is well constructed
  3. The price is the lowest for the best that can be found (see any discount)
  4. The start system that reminds you of a BMW
  5. A muffler so quiet that it won't disturb sleep
  6. The easy part; the assembly that can be accomplished in minutes

Let's compare some of the six reasons that makes these generators stand out, compared to other more conventional generators that don't measure up to the 10000 Watt Generator.

First - Let us start with the gas tank which is the mechanism that holds the fuel, which is the life blood of the generator. Here the size of the tank matters. Once the tank is filled, it is relied upon to keep the generator performing for at least ten hours.

With the 10000 Watt Generator, it is guaranteed that you will have ten hours of uninterrupted performance every time. Other models put you and the generator that you are feeding gas to at risk of cut off, because they just don't measure up.

Second - The well constructed 16 HP engine portrays reliability and power. This engine had enough output to power quite a few connection sources, plus keep them going for as long as the fuel last. Other models cast a question mark in your mind as to the durability and reliability of the unit.

Third - You would be kidding yourself, if the question of price did not come up. With the 10000 Watt Generator, you already know that you will receive a generator that is top of the line for under one thousand dollars, after rebates.

There may be other types and models that exhibit a considerable reduction in price, but along with this comes the reduction in service and quality.

Fourth - How many other units sport the simple smooth start system that this model possesses? I have already twice characterized it as a BMW type start system and for the most part, you can't say that about to many others.

Fifth - The quiet muffler just tops off the whole package, simply because it makes everything so quite and easy "to not listen to". Other generators can sound like a locomotive train coming down the track but not the 10000 Watt Generator. It is almost like listening to a radio program.

Sixth - The final selling point is the super easy assembly. You don't have to feel like you are putting together a erector set. The set up it done and completed in a few short minutes. Then presto you are done.


OK! It is time to be proactive and anticipate vs react. The best reason for having a 10000 Watt Generator is to have the ability to counter power loss due to a variety of reasons. Also, another reason is to have power away from home.

In this case, all that you will have to do is to plug in your device to your portable generator. Once this is done, you have ten hours of unstoppable power to use as you see fit. This kind of freedom creates a new dimension to your life, so why not come up a level and take more control and power.