Reliable Power Source: Portable Solar Generator is the Solution

A generator is essential for powering up power reliant devices in the event that there is a power blackout. Even better, a portable solar generator is better to own due to the fact that you do not need to purchase the source of fuel for it.

Rather, you need a sunny environment to charge it and store power for later use. They are designed to be used in time of emergencies and in remote areas. They are the best choice for environmental conservatives as they do not emit any fumes that may destroy the environment.

At the same time, they do not use up environmental resources. There are several features that make this generator and they will also determine the pricing of the generator of your choice.

They include:

  • A power-pack

This feature holds the power outlets and the battery-pack.

  • A solar panel

This feature harvests/traps the power from the sun so as to direct it to the generator's power pack then to the battery for storage. Depending on the brand you choose to own, they differ in terms of their size and structure. Some generators have an automated solar panel that turns to trickle charge.

  • Battery-pack

This feature acts as a storage device for the generator. When in use, the power that was stored is used up. Different portable solar generators come with differing battery-pack capacities.

  • A charger cable

This feature siphons the power from the solar panel to the battery box for storage.

  • Power control buttons

These buttons are used for controlling the use of the stored power when need be. When it is not being used, it should be off so as to ensure power is being saved.

  • Power outlets

These are the points at which you plug in your devices to power them up when using a portable solar generator. The number of power outlets will differ from one brand to another.

These features despite being present in all portable solar generators, they maybe different depending on other factors despite the brand. When you are out there shopping for this device, there are factors to consider so as to make a final decision on what you are looking for.

The material use din constructing the device should be durable. Try to ensure that it can withhold all types of weather. What is the purpose of having a portable device if it cannot be used at anytime and at any place.

The purpose of purchasing a solar generator should also be put into consideration. These generators do not have the capability of storing the same amount of power. While others can only light power bulbs for lighting the house only, others can charge electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Ensure that you purchase one that suits your needs and demands. Therefore, purpose and power capacity must go hand in hand.

The weight of the generator must be considered. The essence of being portable lies in the fact that it should be light so as to move around with it with a little bit of ease and storage should not need a lot of space. The aspect of storage also comes in when using it indoors. The less space it occupies in a room the better.

Having put the above factors into consideration, the aspect of price comes in. the more the demands, the higher the pricing. Price variance will also be due to the difference in branding but most important part lies in the density of its functionality.

Due to the fact that it is portable:

  • You have the choice of moving the generator in the direction that the sun is facing so as to accumulate more power.
  • You can move it away from shade pending on the time of day and objects that are around that may shade the device.
  • You can carry it out to events such as camping and other outdoor adventures as it is not very heavy.
  • You can easily use it indoors.
  • You may choose to have the solar panel(s) outside and the rest of the device indoors.


  • Its portability makes it easier to use anywhere.
  • It environmental friendly with no gas or petroleum emissions. It is also not consuming any environmental resources.
  • It is relatively cheap as there are no costs for recharging like with gas powered generators.


  • It will not be suitable for regions that exhibit cold weather a majority of the time.
  • It charges up rather slowly.

So, a portable solar generator is the solution to power shortages while at the same time an eco-friendly and user friendly device.